Doing Business With Sessions Fine Art

Please read Conditions below. There will be no exception.

Art may be picked-up directily from my studio for cash. For all other arrangements, read below.

Purchasing originals:  Greatest of care is taken in packing and shipping my creations. Contact with amy special requests or needs.  

Prints are limited edition gicl'ee and may be ordered in custom size according to customer taste/desire (maximum sizes may apply). Again all care is taken in making, numbering, and shipping prints (I guarantee condition of shipped prints.)  

I accept Cash/Check/Money Order for the amount of the art ONLY. No exceptions.  When checks/orders are converted to cash, orders will be promptly shipped. 

There may be a fee for packaging/handling in addition to shipping cost. Customers will be apprised of all charges prior to placing an order. See Contact Page for details on contacting me.

Note: Two bills of sale will be included in the sale and for each work sold (One attached to the artwork back side, and a second printed for buyer). The bills of sale will include all pertinent provenance, copyright, and reproduction rights. Sales Tax is included in the advertised price of the piece.