June 6, 2017

Looking forward to a busy June of painting . . . YES!


Tomorrow the NAG painters hit Lake Lowell for an outing. Thursday through Sunday (Saturday for me) The Eagle Plein Air gets under way. I look forward to that. 


On the 13th, NAG painters hit Cascade for a three day, two night outing. We will paint, cook out, visit, and have a wonderful time in the mountains. Epic ...


As I have posted previously, I am studying James Gurney's methods and enjoy so much his videos and his quiet, calm, sure demeanor. I wanted to post his "Blast Rule" for painting. I discovered a few years ago that this works, but Mr. Gurney has articulated the rule so well.


James Gurney’s BLAST Rule for Painting
1. Use the Biggest brush possible for a given passage.
2. Paint Large shapes first, followed by small shapes.
3. Save your tonal and chromatic Accents until the last.
4. Try to Soften any edge that doesn’t need to be sharp.
5. Take Time to get the center of interest right.


I enjoy painting watercolor wet into wet and this Blase Process suits me. Give it a try. You may be surprised.


This is "Medevac" 11 X 14.5 inches, on Arches 140 lb. I painted it about 3 years ago using the method Mr. Gurney articulated above.


I used a 1 inch flat wash brush (my favorite) for the large and medium size shapes, wet into wet.  I monitored the dampness of the paper throughout and added pigment when the paper became "just damp".


Lastly,  when the paper was dry to my touch, I applied heavier pigment for details and tried to "get the focal point right". Wet into wet gave me soft/disappearing (lost) edges and I added  a few hard/sharp edges for contrast. Not many hard edges here  (Medic's helmet, Huey windshield and nose).




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